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A dredge teaser creates the illusion of bait fish balled together and swimming frantically just below the surface of the water. It appears that these bait fish are trying to take shelter under the moving boat. Many big game dredge teasers are six-armed rigs that look like an umbrella without the fabric. They have a number of hookless baits trailing off each arm that when pulled through the water give the dredge the appearance of a school of bait balled together to escape prey.

The Basic Teaser Dredge is generally run at a depth of about 5-15 feet below the water and back about 10 feet or so off the boat corner. The Dredge should be deep enough to stay below the water when running but not too deep to be able to see it while you are trolling. Ideally you want to be able to detect the color and motion of fish coming up to investigate your dredge’s school of bait and also be able to see if the dredge becomes fouled with seaweed or debris.

Obviously Dredge Teasers can be an effective way to attract a wide variety of visitors including other bait fish, small predators and large game fish. Because of this the Dredge is a perfect place to capture the excitement underwater with TrollPro® or our new DredgePro™ model. DredgePro® is designed to let you quickly interchange most models of 6-arm dredge rigs (without staggered arms) to securely mount your GoPro™ HD Hero, HD Hero2, HD Hero3, HD Hero 3+,  HD Hero4, HD Hero5, the HD Hero6,  Hero7, Hero8 and new Hero9 cameras when used with their Dive Suit/Protective Case (not included) or Garmin Virb camera to the trailing tier. DredgePro’s rotational coupling lets your Dredge Teaser turn naturally in the spread while your camera stays oriented to the horizon. No more fussing with upside down or sideways video from some other camera rigs. DredgePro® provides a perfect addition to your other TrollPro housings in the spread when you use a Teaser Dredge to capture the tease, the dropback and the hook-up!

DredgePro is sold as Housing only.  Product shown with 6-arm Dredge and Teaser baits–Not Included (See our DredgePro Combo for complete DredgePro,  Dredge and Baits)

DredgePro2New DredgePro® Now Available.

  • Simple, Interchangeable with most fixed 6-arm dredge teaser rigs (without staggered arms)
  • Protects your camera in the action zone
  • Dredge can turn naturally while your image stays level
  • No more twisting, turning, editing your dredge teaser videos
  • More portable than other bulky one piece units

It’s time for you to ‘Capture the Excitement’ of the underwater action with DredgePro!

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DredgePro® is designed to let you quickly interchange most models of 6-arm dredge rigs (without staggered arms) to securely mount your HD Hero® camera or Garmin Virb camera to the trailing tier to capture the excitement with stunning video from within your Teaser Dredge.


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