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TrollPro ® Underwater Trolling Housing for the GoPro™ HD video camera is here! close

Underwater Trolling Housing for the Go Pro™ HD Video Camera.
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Welcome to TrollPro®

After nearly two and a half years of development and testing, the patented TrollPro® Underwater Marine Video Housing for the GoPro™ HD Hero video camera is here! Already a proven hit at the 2013 ICAST Show, Canyon Runner Seminars, major  Television Fishing Shows, marine research activities, Wildlife and Adventure documentaries as well as major Fishing Tournaments worldwide,these housings are the deal! Now being used in over 35 Countries and top fishing destinations Worldwide!  This accessory provides a stable platform and trolls from 3 to 10+ knots with no turbulence to interfere with your videos. Run it alone in your fishing spread, run it along with your Teaser or Dredge Teaser  or you can also drop the TrollPro® straight down while fighting the fish to capture the battle underwater. Let your imagination run wild.  The TrollPro® patented housing is compatible with the GoPro™ HD Hero, HD Hero2, HD Hero3, and the new HD Hero3+ cameras.


The HD Hero3+ camera’s waterproof housing is good to depths of 131 feet (40 meters); the Hero3′s dive housing was good to 197 feet (60 meters).

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